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National July  2021

Miss National American Teen & Collegiate  provides a great pageantry experience for the Young American Ms. on her way to success.  We help young women, moms to build confidence, teach valuable skills and  assist them with networking with other powerful  Young Women who are making a difference in their communities. This Division is for Married, Single and/or Moms to be a Positive role Model for our younger Division. 

Here is How it Works video
Here is How it Works

  1. Complete the online registration form and pay the registration application fee.

  2. Upon receipt of your registration and delegate profile, we will call you to set up your Friendly  phone interview.  

  3. After your Phone Interview You will be appointed a City Title. With this City Title, Crown and Sash  you will be allowed to compete for your State Title.. 

More Than a Pageant. It's an experience. 

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All Payments  are Final. No refunds will be issued. 


Total Cost 

Sponsor Entry Fee $245/Early Bird (After 1/31/21 $350)

      Includes:   Queen Concierge Service, 2 hours of one on one training/coaching, Guide Book, ATU PW

Sponsor Ad Fee $175

       Includes: Ad page in Program Book, Professional Designed Cover Page, Resume Page, and Volunteer/Platform per forma page

Total of 4 Pages 

Optional  Crown n Sash Fee $175

      Includes:  Custom City Crown & Sash With Crown Case

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